Sara was last seen riding her pink and white bike to her family's residence in Frankfort NY. on 8/18/93. She had just left the Norwich Corners Church where she attended  summer bible school. She picked up some supplies at the church and headed home. The church was less then a mile from her house. She was last seen peddling up the hill only four tenths of a mile from her home. Her bike was braced up against a tree and the supplies were scattered near by. The little girl was never seen again. She was 12 years old. Foul play is suspected.

There are so many missing children throughout the country. So many parents who never know what happened and so many missing who never are found or get justice. With so many ways to get the information into so many hands it seems we should be working together to find help for all those who know the feeling of such a loss. This is our attempt to help. You will find missing children on this site and if you know something, please help.




Tricked into believing he has only three months to live, Devere decides to ensure his path to heaven by making up to Buddy  for all the trouble he has been put through. He decides to do this even if he has to knock him out and drag him back to do it.


A therapist convinces Buddy  that Devere's desire to kill him is an illusion and Buddy must face the symbol of his fear (Mr D) to get over it. Buddy shows up at Devere Enterprise to face his fear, which doesn't sit well with Mr Devere. After eluding them for six months,  it is apparent to Mr Devere that the little stooley has made a deal with the cops. It must be a setup and Mr Devere must walk softly until he can move in for the kill safely.

Buddy takes a break from running long enough to deliver a orphan , who has been following him, to his adoptive family. Even Devere is good enough to call a truce to help the boy out. In order to guarantee there is no gunfire with the boy in the way, Buddy gives Devere his location in exchange for safe passage with the child. Devere's entire organization is now waiting out side the boys home and Buddy must pass right through the mass of killers. He is promised a safe trip in...but he is on his own getting out.


Buddy is captured by a rival gang who say they will kill their hostage unless he tells them why he is so valuable to Devere. Due to a hit on the head, Buddy has lost his memory and finds himself at a loss for words. Devere's gang come in and rescue Buddy, (well at least it looks that way to Buddy.) Devere convinces Buddy they are father and son. But this is one family gathering with a daddy dearest plot. (two part episode)


Buddy turns a failing Mexican hotel into a tourist spot, only to find Devere and gang are guests. The episode develops into a slow speed chase. Buddy on one slow burro and Devere and gang in a cart drawn by a second slow burro. Being burros each stops to rest off and on allowing the other to almost catch up, but going again just in time to keep the chase going. Our chasers and chasee handle this problem in slightly different ways. Buddy, being kind but desperate talks pleadingly into his burro's ear in an attempt to reason with the animal. The thugs handle the problem in typical mob fashion. When their burro sits down to take five, Wendell gets out of the cart, puts a gun to the animals head and gives him till the count of three to move. This terrifying situation apparently exhausts the burro so much, he feels the need to lay down and take a short siesta. (Sheldon gets to show off his vocals and trumpet skills in this episode.)


When the mob finds out Buddy is working as a waiter, Devere sends Junior to take care of the little problem. Buddy has never met Devere's son so it seems like an easy way to get their target, and give Junior a little field experience. To bad Junior has a soft side and things get much harder then predicted.(Sheldon plays trumpet in this one.)

Buddy gets a job as a sparring partner not knowing the fighter is owned by Devere. When he accidentally TKO's the fighter, he ends up in the ring. Unfortunately Devere shows up to watch the fight and the chase is on.



After stowing away in an old pickup truck, Buddy gets a job on a farm, much to the dismay of the farmers daughter. Seems she does not want to be shown up by a guy, not knowing Buddy was no threat. A farm hand he is not, and with some persuading, he gets Buddy to take his daughter to the town dance. Unfortunately one of Devere's field  members spot him and tip the boss off. Wendell and Harry show up at the dance looking for their victim. Buddy creates a new dance trying to elude his killers and ends up dancing with them.


With his killers hot on his trail, Buddy gets a local sheriff of a small town to arrest him. When it becomes apparent  Buddy has no intention of leaving the jail with his killers waiting outside they decide on a different approach. They fake Devere's death, and Buddy, wanting to know for sure he can stop running, shows up at the funeral. He finds himself in the middle of a funeral meant for him.


With Devere's  gang in hot pursuit, Buddy jumps in a car and drives off not knowing there are bank robbers sleeping in the back seat. He is enlisted as their getaway driver  for a bank holdup.  Even though he isn't interested, they make him a offer he best not refuse. Buddy manages to get to a phone to alert the cops, who in turn call the bank holder  (Mr. Devere) to inform him of the upcoming robbery. Devere shows up to see the arrest, and our reluctant robber runs right into him.


When Devere finds out Buddy is working at a health resort, he decides to try something new. Feeling Buddy is to familiar with his men, he decides to hire a outside contractor to do the job. When Devere discovers he has hired a grandmother, he tries to call off the hit.  He feels it would not look good for an old lady to do what Devere and his whole organization couldn't. Unfortunately granny isn't willing to back off. Seems, like many mothers whos children have grown up and moved away, she feels unneeded. If she can just show her kids she is a useful member of society by proving she is still  good at her chosen profession, they will respect her again. When Devere can't reason with Killer, the gang show up at the resort to finish Buddy off before  the old lady can get the job done. A real who done it (or is it, who will do it?)



Trying to get the mob off his trail, a friend suggests that Buddy fake his own death to fool his killers. The plan works until Buddy's friend goes on trial for Buddy's murder. Devere is at the trial to see his name is not brought into it and poor Buddy must walk into the lions den if he is going to clear his friends name.

After hiding in a horse trailer to escape his killers, Budding finds himself on a ranch for race horses. When the prized horse allows only Buddy to ride him, our misfit jockey finds himself in the big race. Unfortunately, Devere shows up to watch the race and spots Buddy. With orders from Devere not to hit the horse, (seems Devere is a animal lover), the gang take shots at Buddy as he and his mount attempt to win the race. It seems it's hard to get a good shot at a moving target when your gun is wrapped in newspaper, and the hoods just can't hit him. They plan to finish him off at the finish line, and Buddy is faced with the decision to finish the race and save the farm or turn and run. (Ah....what would you do.)


Buddy goes to the pacific coast to escape his killers and find work by the seashore. When Devere and gang show up, Devere decides he wants to do the job himself. The gang watches as Devere tries to take care of Buddy, but unfortunately his target doesn't want to stand still. In the end Buddy discovers no good deed goes unpunished.


Accountant Buddy Overstreet  is enjoying a steam bath when he accidentally overhears  four mob bosses discussing their plans for murder and the secret words "Chicken Little." He manages to escape them, but when he can get no help from the police, he goes on the run. Unable to return to home and family, he gets a job in a small town pumping gas. Unfortunately his would-be assassins, who have been looking for him, show up for gas. Our timid fugitive doesn't realize who he's waiting on until he  gets to the car, and then, to keep them from drawing their guns, he must wait on them without being seen. (Good trick if you can do it.)

   This was the pilot episode.




Run Buddy Run only aired for thirteen weeks. There were sixteen episodes, three never seen by the public. It has never been re-run or  released for viewing by CBS. This makes it hard to get information on the show.  There is much false info on line about the show, so I have tried to make sure everything I print is fact. This may make some of my info different then other sites.