There are so many missing children throughout the country. So many parents who never know what happened and so many missing who never are found or get justice. With so many ways to get the information into so many hands it seems we should be working together to find help for all those who know the feeling of such a loss. This is our attempt to help. You will find missing children on this site and if you know something, please help.


Viviane was last seen riding her yellow and orange bike on the Schoterweg in Harlem. She has bad teeth with gray colored  front teeth. She was born 1994 and was last seen Nov. 22 2004.






The musical lyrics of Louie The Lightning Bug helped kids of the 80's learn about electricity safety. Yes, "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing", and Louie had the beat. Sheldon's love for jazz gave this tiny swinging teacher personality.



Jerry Fielding was the composer and conductor of the Run Buddy Run theme song. He is a three time Oscar nominee and considered the boldest and most experimental of all Hollywood film composers.  He was particularly fond of radio personalities such as Orson Welles and musical composers such as Bernard Herrmann.  He had a deep appreciation for classical music from which he derived much of his inspiration.  As McCarthyism ran rampant through the country side, Fielding attempted the ground-breaking use of black performers on television which brought him much anguish and bad publicity.  This revolutionary step led to the destruction of his Hollywood career.  Seeking refuge, Fielding found himself working in Las Vegas on live performances of 'Abbott and Costello'.  McCarthyism eventually died out and Fielding was able to pull his career from the shambles of the accusations against him.  He went on to compose or aid in the composition of such themes as Noon Wine (1966) and The Wild Bunch(1969) and also contributed to the films of Clint Eastwood's career such as The Enforcer (1976) and The Gauntlet (1977).  After that, he received his third Oscar nomination for the score of The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976).  He often met grief with his unique and unwavering style of composition, for which many believe led to a life of stress.  From the mid seventies onward he suffered several heart attacks, believed to be brought on by his stressful life.  His fatal attack came in Canada while scoring Below The Belt. He has been the composer for such tv and film scores as The Bionic Woman, The Andros Targets, McMillan And Wife, The cop And The Kid, The Super Cops, Scorpia, The Brian Keith Show, Hogan's Heroes, The Good Guys, The Betty Hutton Show, Star Trek New Voyages, Below The Belt, Funeral Home, High Midnight, Escape From Alcatraz, Beyond The Posidon Adventure, Mr. Horn, The Big Sleep, Gray Lady Down, Simi-Tough, The Black Bird, The Killer Elite, Matt Helm, The Nightstalker, Cage Without A Key, Hustling, The Gambler, Sin American Style, Honky Tonk, Black Day For Bluebeard, Unwed Father, The Deadly Trackers, The Outfit, Skirts/Skins, Hawkins, Faraday And Company, Diana, The Snoop Sisters, A War Of Children, The Mechanic, Bridget Loves Bernie, Junior Banner, Chato's Land, Man In The Middle, The Chicago Teddy Bears, Once Upon A Dead Man, Inside O.U.T., Lawman, Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came, Hunters Are For Killing, The Crazy World Of Laurel And Hardy, Captain Nice,  Shane, and McHale's Navy, He was composer and conductor for Demon Seed, The Bad News Bears, Straw Dogs, The Nightromers, Johnny Got His Gun, The Governor And JJ, Mission Impossible, Mannix, and He And She. Fielding was born June 17, 1922 in Pittsburgh Penn. and died Feb.17,1980 in Ontario Canada. He was only 58 years old.

 Leonard Stern was the creator and executive producer for "Run Buddy Run".  He has been involved with many popular shows throughout the years, including "The Honeymooners" and "Get Smart".  "Run Buddy Run" is most well-known for Buddy's animated facial expressions and body-language. The audience always knew the instant Buddy saw his pursuers by his mannerisms. Sheldon pulled it off beautifully, and yet didn't cross that fine line between funny and ridiculous. Without those expressions, the show would not have been near as appealing. They kept a show with a serious topic and serious acting funny.  This, however, was no accident. "Run Buddy Run" was a chase comedy, and a modern version of the old silent films when Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy were on the scene.  Being a silent film, exaggerated features helped the audience to understand what the characters were feeling and what was going on. Sterns version of an old idea in a new format, made Run Buddy Run, unique and different from any show of the time, or now for that matter. He combined the old and the new, and came up with very funny.  Many of the same people who worked behind the scenes on Get Smart also worked on Run Buddy Run. which explains why it also had a Get Smart feel to it.  The Fugitive, starring David Jansen was one of the top shows of the time and Stern used the fugitive idea played for laughs for his sitcom.

Leonard Stern is responsible for many of the shows the public has enjoyed throughout the years.He was either a producer, executive producer or a writer for all of the following shows. Missing Pieces, Get Smart, Get Smart Again, Partners In Crime, The Nude Bomb, Just You And Me Kid, Operation Petticoat, McMillian And Wife, Holmes And Yo-Yo, The Snoop Sisters, Once Upon A Dead Man, The Governor And JJ, The Good Guys, Duncan Be Careful, The Honeymooners, Three For The Show, The Jazz Singer, Lost In Alaska, Ma And Pa Kettle At The Fair, Okinawa, Ma And Pa Kettle Go To Town, Abbott And Castello In The Foreign Legion, Africa Screams, Rosetti And Ryan; Men Who Love Women, Lanigans Rabbi, Three Times Daley, Black Day For Bluebeard, Koska And His Family, Diana, Faraday And Company, Brooks Lost Case, Sheperds Flock, Supermarket Sweep, and Sledge Hammer.

In 1957 Stern won a Emmy for ,"Best comedy writing for a variety or situation comedy," for The Phil Silvers Show

In 1959 he was nominated for,"Best writing of a single musical or variety show," for The Steve Allen Show.

1966 he was nominated for, "outstanding comedy," series for Get Smart.

 1967 he won a Emmy for, "outstanding writing achievement in comedy," for Get Smart.

.And in1968 he was nominated for "outstanding writing achievement in comedy," for He And She.


Arthur Batanides was not a member of the regular cast, in fact he only appeared in one episode, but he is included here because he was so perfect for the role and fit in so well. He played Woodrow, one of Mr. D's mobsters and although not as large as Harry, he was just as tough. Like the little dog in the pack, he could throw his weight around. Small and lean, but with an attitude that had presence.  He was paired with Harry, and the two complimented each other well. One large, the other small, Harry with his punchlines and Woodrow playing it straight. The only thing they seemed to have in common was their total lack of concern for their victim. Woodrow seemed to find even the nastiest of jobs to be just another day at the office, and even when told to take it easy he had to get one last good lick in anyway. He had a typical thug sound to his voice, but not a stereotypical sound, with an attitude to match. Still with those he was loyal to, he showed a much softer side and somehow managed to win over the audience.

Batanides did numerous television appearances in shows like The Twilight Zone, Mission Impossible, The Wild Wild West, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Odd Couple, Happy Days, Star Trek, The Ten Commandments, Brannigan. Knight Rider, Quincy, Galactica 1980, The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo, Lou Grant, Wonder Woman, The Last Harrah, Blansky's Beauties, Police Story, The Lindberg Kidnappinc Case, Columbo,The New Dick Van Dyke Show, Thicker Than Water, Ironside, McCloud, The Streets Of San Francisco, The Heist, Evil Roy Slade, The Cat Eat The Parakeet, What's A Nice Girl Like You, Bearcats, Hawaii Five-O, The Feminist And The Fuzz, The Silent Force, Room 222, Barefoot In The Park, Daniel Boone, It Takes A Thief, The Mod Squad, The Maltise Bippy, Gomer Pyle, Land Of The Giants, I Spy, Accidental Family, Cimarron Strip, Lost In Space, The Green Hornet, The Time Tunnel, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Blue Light, Death Valley Days, Get Smart, A Man Called Shenandoah, Honey West, Gunsmoke, Burke's Law, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, The Rogues, Kraft Suspense Theater, The Great Adventure, The Outer Limits, The Fugitive, The Bill Bana,Show, Combat, Ben Casey, Alcoa Premiere, The Rifleman, G.E.True, Perry Mason, The Plot Thickens, The Beachcomber, 87th Precinct, Advertures In Paradise, Follow The Sun, The Twilight Zone, Target; The Corruptors, Man-Trap, The Detectives, Rawhide, The Asphalt Jungle, The Brothers Brannagan, The Islanders, Bonanza, Route 66, Stagecoach West, Dante, Riverboat, Spartacus, The Leech Woman, M Squad, Not For Hire, The Deputy, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Johnny Staccato, Johnny Midnight, Lawman, Lockup, The Lawless Years, Mile Hammer, Cry Tough, 21 Beacen Street, One Step Beyond, Playhouse 90, Decoy, Whirlybirds, The Third Man, Zorro, Man With A Camera, Alcoa Theater, Peter Gunn, U.S. Marshal, State Trooper, Violant Road, Colt 45, Maverick, Tombstone Territory, The Unearthly, Navy Log, Crusader, Black Tuesday, Rod Brown And The Rocket Rangers, The Web, and Out There. His final role was in Police Academy 6, City Under Siege. He was born April 9 1922 and died in Los Angeles California, Jan.10, 2000.



Nick Georgiade played Wendell, Mr Devere's employee and whipping boy.  Even kids to young to remember much about the show, probably remember this character.  Mr. D's whole staff could be chasing Buddy but when he managed to escape, it was Wendell's fault, and Wendell alone who endured his boss's wrath. The old phrase, "When I tell you to jump, you jump," certainly applied to Wendell. Mr. D would go out of his way to get Wendell into a moving car or tall building and then with a calm but firm voice say "Goodby Wendell." Everyone knew what that meant, and Wendell, after a little pleading, would jump. With Georgiades deep mumbling voice and large facial features, he was a tough looking character indeed. Still, when ordered to jump, his big puppy dog eyes made him enduring and imposable not to like.

Georgiade, of Greek descent, was a regular in the tv series The Untouchables and although he played a hood in the pilot, the producers liked his presence so much, they gave him a role playing good guy Enrico Rossi. He has done a host of tv and movie roles including Three Days To Vegas, Lucky Chances, Fit To Kill, Indecent Proposal, Picasso Trigger, Kojak, Quincy, Rockford Files, Mod Squad, Mission Impossible, Crime Story, Seven, Stacey, Poor Devil, Hawaii Five-O. The Young Runaways, Felony Squad, Hondo, The Travels Of Jaimie McPheeters, Combat, It's A Mad Mad Mad World, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, Hawaiian Eye, The Millionaire, Playhouse 90, Whirlybirds, Get Smart, Manix, Batman, and I Spy, to name a few. He still does occasional stage and film work.


Greg Palmer played Harry, Mr D's right hand man. Harry seemed to have a light hearted attitude toward his job and didn't seem to let the duties of his profession upset him. He could be seen smiling as he carried out what ever messy assignment Mr. D gave him. He was quite the jokester and was happy to entertain his victim with a few punchlines before doing him in. He seemed totally oblivious to his victims plight and showed no signs of regret. With Palmer's impressive stature he was a menacing figure indeed.  Although seemingly heartless to his days work, he seemed to truly care about his boss.  He was totally devoted and when Mr. D's life was on the line he could cry with the best of them.  When not on call as Mr. D's bodyguard or rubbing someone out, he seemed quite at home playing a much friendlier role.With his clever punchlines and boyish smile, one could almost forget his deeds of the day.

Palmer was hardly a novice when he got the part of Harry in Run Buddy Run. His acting roles are numerous and include both tv and film roles. The list is impressive and includes The Blue And The Gray, Early Warning, Scream, The Man With Bogart's Face, Beggerman Thief, Hot Lead And Cold Feet, True Grit, Go West Young Girl, Chips, How The West Was Won, The Hostage Heart, Quincy, The Wonderful World Of Disney,"Kit Carson And The Mountain Men"( part 1 and 2), and "Menace On The Mountain (part 1 and 2), The Shootist, The New Daughters Of Joshua Cabe, Gunsmoke, Kolehak;The Night Stalker,The Knightly Murders, Alias Smith And Jones, Don't Get Mad Get Even, Mango's Back In Town, Jason Kind, A Red Red Rose Forever, Cannon, Scream Of Silence, Big Jake, The Virginian, Death Valley Days, The Undefeated, Bonanza, Doctor Who, Smith, The Good Guys, The Wild Wild West, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, The High Chaparral, Tarzan,The Billion Dollar Brain, Gomer Pyle, Laredo, The Long Hot Summer, Get Smart, The Rare Breed, The Legend Of Jesse James, Branded, The Big Valley, Run For Your Life, The Loner, Shenandoah, Rawhide, Advance To The Rear, The Quick Gun, The Prize, 77 Sunset Strip, Laramie, 40 Pounds Of Trouble, Have Gun Will Travel, Bronco, The Roaring 20's, The Comancheros, Tales Of Wells Fargo, The Cat Burgular, Two Faces West, The Most Dangerous Man Alive, The Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp,  Burglar Outlaws, Gun Fight, Assignment Underwater, Cheyenne, The Absent Minded Professor, The Tall Man, The Untouchables, Five Guns To Tombstone, Sugarfoot, Lawman, Wagon Train. Surfside 6, The Deputy, The Man From Blackhawk, Overland Trail, The Millionaire, Hotel de Paree, Shotgun Slade, World Of Giants, Sea Hunt, The Rebel Set, State Trooper, 26 Men, The Restless Gun, The Sad Horse, The Shaggy Dog (1959), Cimarron City, The Lineup, Buckskin, Jefferson Drum, Frontier Doctor, The Texan, Thundering Jets, Alcoa Theater, Sky King, The Female Animal, Broken Arrow, Tales of The Texas Rangers, From Hell It Came, Code 3, Blondie, Footsteps In The Night, Zombies Of Mora Tau, Revolt Of Fort Laramie, Sergent Preston Of The Yukon, Hilda Crane, The Creature Walks Among Us, The Adventures Of Champion, Navy Log, Highway Patrol, To Hell And Back, So This Is Hollywood, Stories Of The Century, The Public Defender, Cavalcade Of America, The Lone Ranger, Magnificent Obsession, Playgirl, Taza Son Of Chochise, The All American, The Veils Of Bagdad,  Abbott And Costello Go To Mars, Column South, It Happens Every Thursday, The Redhead From Wyoming, The Raiders, Back At The Front, Son Of Ali Baba, Sally And Saint Anne, Francis Goes To West Point, The Battle At Apache Pass, The Cimarron Kid, Meet Danny Wilson, That's My Boy, Up Front, and My Friend Irma Goes West.


Jim Connell played Junior, Mr. Devere's only son. With his tall lanky frame and goofy expressions he could have been the model for Disney's Ichabod Crane.  His hug dark rimmed glasses gave him a owl like appearance, and in fact he was quite the book worm. He seemed to always have his nose in a book and could quote statistics all day. Unfortunately, although he had book smarts, he did not have common sense. His plans for helping his father trap Buddy were genius, but his execution of those plans was not.  No matter how hard he tried, they always seem to come apart in the end, which was lucky for Buddy. His love for his father was quite apparent and he was no doubt his fathers best friend. Although he tried hard to fit in with the other thugs, there was a kindness about him that made him stand out. He seemed to understand and at times even sympathise with their timid target. Although he knew what his father planed to do to Buddy, he seemed to think it would all work out in the end and no one would get hurt.  Although not as exaggerated, his Stan Laural type mannerisms added to his appeal.  With his puckered lips and rolling eyes, his facial expressions were no less appealing then Sheldon's himself, Connell had his own group of fans and who could blame them, he was without a doubt a memorable character.

Run Buddy Run is not the only show Connell has appeared in. He has been in dozens of shows including The Partridge Family, Gidget, That Girl, Get Smart, Boa, Chico And The Man, The Carol Burnett Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Love American Style, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Faraday And Company, Donny And Marie, The Rear Guard, Thicker Than Water, Arnold's Closet Revenue, The Good Guys, Occasional Wife, Summer Fun, The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok, and The Wild Wild West. His movies include Gargoyles, The Picasso Summer, Once Upon A coffee House, Wizards, Call Holme and The Wild One. He has been a writer for such shows as Battlestar Galactia, Donny and Marie, and  movies like Child's Play. Art Director for Stakeout On Dope Street, and Production Director for shows like Porky's. His talents also include camera operator for films like Passion and Paradise, and Big trouble. He was also the prop person for the original Candid Camera.

Bruce Gordon played Mr. Devere, the head of Devere Enterprises. His desire for the death of Buddy was undeniable and he worked hard at his goal. He was relentless and determined. He was no fool, and at times actually over thought his target, which was a break for Buddy. He hardly ever smiled, for until Buddy could be caught, there was little to smile about. His every waking thought seemed to be in quieting his victim and he spent all the man power he had to accomplish this. He seemed hard-hearted and neither the pleas of Wendell for leniency nor getting to know Buddy personally seem to sway him. He was all business and killing Buddy was that business. Although he never smiled he also never yelled; he never had to.  The tone in his voice was enough to send his henchmen scurrying to do his bidding.  He did, however, seem to truly love his son and although Junior's mishaps annoyed him he seemed to forgive his son's shortcomings almost before they occurred.  Like most parents he seemed to have trouble telling his only son "no" and with a few soft spoken words from Junior, he could be pursued to spare even Buddy's life.

Bruce Gordon,  English born, is a burly cleft-chinned actor who was part of the original cast of the Broadway play, Arsenic and Old Lace from 1941 to 1945. His film debut was with Marilyn Monroe in 1949 in Love Happy.  He appeared in many tv productions in the 50's playing mostly heavies (bad guys) but did get a heroic lead in the series Behind Closed Doors.  His signature role was Frank 'The Enforcer" Nitti in the tv series The Untouchables, where he is remembered for his catch phrase, "You're Dead".  The rest of his career he was type-cast as mobster types, although he has been seen in Get Smart, The Lucy Show and The Jackie Gleason Show.  He appeared in the NBC series Northwest Passage as the sadistic prison official, and in two episodes of The Outlaws Western as Mercer. He also played in Istar, Simon & Simon, The Fall Guy, Piranha, The Hardy Boys, Joe Forrester, Lucy Gets Lucky, Banacik, The Doris Day Show, Adam 12, Here's Lucy,The Partners, Machismo; 40 graves For 40 Guns, The Smith Family, Bonanza, Hell Down There, Ironside, Slow Run, It Takes A Thief, Tarzan, Gentle Ben, Mannix, The Flying Nun, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., Bob Hope Presents The  Chrysler Theater, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Peyton Place, Perry Mason, Mr. Broadway, The Defenders, Naked City, Armstrong Circle Theater, Car 54 Where Are You, Tower Of London, Rout 66, Outlaws, Adventures In Paradise, Death Valley Days, Sugarfoot, Peter Gunn, Checkmate, Maverick, Stagecoach West, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Gunsmoke, Tales Of Wells Fargo, 77 Sunset Strip, Key Witness, The Chevy Mystery Show, Laramie, Hotel de Paree, Tightrope, Riverboat, The Detectives, Bat Masterson, Johnny Ringo, Curse Of The Undead, Playhouse 90, Behind Closed Doors, One Step Beyond, The Californians, Have Gun-Will Travel, The Grand Jury, US Marshall, The Buccuneer, Shirley Temple's, Storybook, Colgate Theater, Man Without A Gun, Jefferson Drum, Trackdown, The Walter Winchell File, The Fireside Theater, Tombstone Territory, Zane Grey Theater, Harbourmasters, Decoy, M Squad, Kraft Television Theater, Hallmark Hall Of Fame, Whirlybirds, Studio One, You Are There, The Best Of Broadway, I Spy, and The Man Behind The Badge. Some of his career highlights were The Scareface Mob, Curse Of The Undead, and Lucy And The Gun Moll. Gordon continued his acting career long into the 1980's although Run Buddy Run would be his only starring role.  Gordon retired in 1989 after playing himself in Ernest Goes To Splash Mountain.  He was reportably unable to attend Untouchable co-star Robert Stack's funeral due to poor health. Gordon died 1-20-2011 at age 94.




Jack Sheldon played Buddy Overstreet, our hero. Buddy was a quiet, honest, hard working. loveable character. He was shy and a little clumsy. Not overly stupid or smart. Just an average joe. Kind...even  forgiving with his tormentors, when circumstances allowed. His pursuers were not overly dumb either. So how did he manage to stay alive? Buddy was an opportunist. He was willing to take any avenue out, be it over, under, around or through. Although he was never violent, he was not apposed to pushing his killers to slow them down. It was always a narrow escape, but of course he always managed. Sheldon's small stature made Buddy even more the victim, although Sheldon's facial expressions and body language did that anyway. Although Sheldon had not done much acting, playing trumpet being his trade, he was a natural. He brought a quality to Buddy that made him believable.  Like David Jansen's portrayal of The Fugitive,  which the show was fashioned after. Buddy had a nervous quality  to him. His tense body and nervous finger twitching  made him seem real. Sheldon had not planned on trying out for the part of Buddy, although it's hard to imagine  any one else being able to pull off those facial expressions like Sheldon. It was his friend that talked him into it, after being turned down himself, being told he walked funny. After watching Sheldon walk, he got the part,  and suddenly Buddy Overstreet,s narrow escapes became the topic on many school playgrounds.

Jack Sheldon is one of the jazz greats and is considered the jokester of jazz.  Mr. triple threat as he is known has been playing professionally since age thirteen. He played in the Military band and after his discharge, moved to the West Coast where he became a popular figure playing and recording with top musicians including Benny Goodman and Art Pepper. He was seen nightly on the Merv Griffin Show where he was the featured soloist, resident comedian, and musical director.  Sheldon had an eighteen year association with Griffin who said Sheldon had a unforgettable voice. He was also a regular on the Cara Williams Show, performed live at the end of Alf's Hit Talk Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show.  He performed with Benny Goodman and Bill Berry's big band and with his own groups.  Sheldon recorded regularly with Concord and his Butterfly label.  Along with Lester Young in the 30's, Dizzy Gillespien in the 40's, and Zoot Simms in the 50's, he is one of the original Lions of The West Coast Sound.  Sheldon has his own signaturesound, Mel Davis calls it " a voice." An inner sound that comes from his heart and soul.  In the 50's, Sheldon played an important role in developing the era's bebop sound and has collaborated with greats like Frank Sinatra, Dexter Gordon, Shelly Manne, Curtis Counce, Mel Torme, Peggy Lee, Stan Kenton, Rosemary Clooney, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and Lena Horne, to name a few.  He has been nominated five times for the "Playboy International Artist of The Year Award."  Sheldon has been featured on many soundtracks over the years including The Super, White Men Can't Jump, For The Boys, Mr. Saturday Night, Speechless, Forget Paris, and the song The Shadow of Your Smile in the film "The Sandpiper", was written with Sheldon in mind to play the lead trumpet.  His passionate trumpet solo immortalized Johnny Mandel's song, The Shadow Of Your Smile. was Merv Griffin's favorite song and Sheldon played it at Griffin's memorial service.  One from The Heart, included a haunting trumpet solo by Sheldon and he performed several cuts in Foreign Affairs, including the solo at the end, Burma Shave. As a vocalist, Sheldon has been ranked one of the top jazz singers of the day. and is featured on many soundtracks such as Speechless, Norman Jewison's Bogus, Stuart Saves His Family and is the voice in many of School House Rock's specials, including Conjunction Junction and I'm Just a Bill.(If you have never heard these or just want to reminisce, you'll find them at the bottom of this page.) Many animated shows have also featured his talented vocals including The Simsons, Family Guy, Mr. Sensitivity in Johnny Bravo and in the 1980's was the voice of Louie the Lightning Bug, in the animated musical for kids promoting safety with electricity.  Run Buddy Run was not the only acting role Sheldon had, others included Dragnet, and Star Trek-the next generation, and the television series, What Makes Sammy Run. Sheldon is also the subject of a award winning documentary Trying To Get Good, the Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon.  The film features interviews with Clint Eastwood, Billy Crystal, Merv Griffin, Chris Botti, Dave Fishberg, Johnny Mandel, and Tierney Sutton. Jack Sheldon is considered a legend in his own time, and why wouldn't he be?

It seems to me, we all want to be appreciated for our hard work, be it running the country or running a household. Money may be why we started but in the end we all want to know we did what we started out to do. We want to be proud of our work and we want others to appreciate it. The same is true in the entertainment field. For them, creating something others can enjoy is the main goal, and they work hard at it. Moe broke ribs being a stooge, and no one can deny the sacrifice of Heath Ledger. Everyone involved in Run Buddy Run had the enjoyment of the audience in mind to and it must have been hard for them that their hard work was overlooked. No matter what is on the screen, their is a audience for it. Thanks to Svengoolie, The Killer Tomatoes still roll across our screen, and the scream of Frankenstein"s Bride is considered a classic. Still, shows like Run Buddy Run, are overlooked. Was the show good or bad? I'm sure you can find those on both sides. There are good and bad shows on TV  today. Some considered the worst shows ever made still air today. What a let down for the cast and crew that they are treated as if they never existed, and if left up to CBS, it will remain that way. Even the worst shows on TV are acknowledged. There are many shows sitting on the shelf with Run Buddy Run, probably never to be seen again. I Googled some of these and found very little. That was not the case with Run Buddy Run. It is remembered despite CBS's silence. It's one thing to be remembered when on the air day after day and quite another when absent for over forty years. All I can say to the cast and crew is "you must have done something right." And so, ladies and gentlemen, with no further ado, let me introduce you to the cast and crew of Run Buddy Run. Lets give'em a hand!







   ( If you have never seen these videos or just want to relive the past, go ahead and enjoy the talented vocals of Jack Sheldon in these two classics.)
     This video is not as well known as the other two, but Sheldon does a remarkable job with this catchy tongue twister. If you've never seen it, check it out. And while your at it, don't forget....
    Very cute video

Produced by Jack Elison

Executive Producer Daniel Melnick, Leonard Stern 

Creator Leonard Stern

Writer William Raynor Myles Wilder

Directed by Bruce Bilson

Script consultant Norman Paul

Ass. Producer Reza Badiyi

Director of Photography Frank Phillips

Unit Production Director Harry R Sherman

Editor Byron,Chudnow

Set director Buck Henshaw